Jeep Electronic Stability Control

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is designed to keep the vehicle stable when cornering. ESC checks the direction given by the steering and the actual direction of the vehicle. ESC brakes individual wheels and acts on the engine management system to stabilize the vehicle.

Jeep Electronic Stability Control

The “ESC OFF” indicator lamp turns on when the ESC is turned off with the button.

If the vehicle is fitted with wheels or tires of different sizes, the ESC system may not function properly. When replacing tires, make sure that the dimensions of the installed and original tires are the same.

CAUTION The stabilization control system is only an auxiliary. When braking on a curve, on a snowy or icy road, be extra careful. Drive slowly and do not attempt to accelerate whenever the “ESC” warning light is flashing or on slippery roads.

• The ESC system should be enabled whenever possible for daily driving.

• To turn ESC off while driving, press the “ESC OFF” button while driving on a level road surface.

Never press the “ESC OFF” button while the ESC is working (the “ESC” indicator lamp flashes). If “ESC” is turned off while the ESC system is running, the vehicle may get out of control.

• Before testing the vehicle on a dynamometer, you must turn off the ESC system by pressing the ESC OFF button for more than 3 seconds (the ESC OFF indicator will light up). If left on, ESC will prevent the vehicle from accelerating and result in diagnostic failure.

• Turning ESC off does not affect the operation of the ABS and brake system.

ESC operation


4. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Jeep Grand Cherokee

• When the ignition is switched on, the “ESC” and “ESC OFF” indicator lamps light up for about 3 seconds, after which the ESC turns on.

• To turn off the ESC system, turn on the ignition and press the “ESC OFF” button for about half a second after turning on the ignition. (The “ESC OFF” indicator lamp will light up). To turn on the ESC system, press the “ESC OFF” button (the “ESC OFF” indicator lamp will go out).

• A slight ticking sound may be heard when starting the engine. This refers to the ESC performing an automatic system self-test and does not indicate a malfunction.

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